Howmuch could <a href="">insurance</a> be to get a 17-year old driver...for a 2003 nissan 350z.<br/>Am I screwed? 2 yrs ago my auto- <a href="">insurance</a> company. contacted me?<br/>What is the typical price of tenantis insurance in middle-state Mi to get a 2 BR apt.<br/>What are the auto <a href="">insurance</a> firms that only look-back a couple of years as opposed to 3?<br/>"I am 16 years of age"Okay heres the deal. Last September we backed from our entrance and bumped into our drivers door on his late 80's mazda mx3. It triggered just a little dent in just a small scratch and his car on our car. We agreed that we will simply manage it beyond <a href="">insurance</a> once spring arrived

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