Order fulfillment is really in the simplest term the entire process from first point of contact with customers, through point of sale, to delivery of product to the end user. Basically it involves finding the best carrier and vendor for your products and then fulfill their orders. It also involves tracking the orders and performing follow ups as and when necessary. In today's scenario, with e-commerce being the talk of the town, order <a href="">fulfillment</a> has become almost a must for all online stores and other retail business. With e-commerce not being a new phenomenon, there are thousands of small and big retail companies that have started using e-commerce for their order fulfillment purposes. There are many benefits that come with this kind of order management and one of the most important is the fact that it saves a lot of money.<br/><br/>It reduces the costs incurred to store inventory, receiving, packing and shipping. It also reduces the costs incurred on hiring warehouse and distribution staff. The companies can focus on improving their products or services by focusing on their marketing strategy. This will help them focus more on the quality aspects of their goods or services and less on the cost aspect.<br/><br/>One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce <a href="">fulfillment</a> is the fact that it helps maintain the product inventory levels. For instance if you have hundreds of products in stock but you want to send only few of them to your customers, it is difficult to do so. But it becomes easy if you order the products from an online supplier who would fulfill them for you by taking care of the inventory levels. In this way you get better customer service, better inventory levels and also free transportation to your customer.<br/><br/>Order <a href=""> <a href="">fulfillment</a> </a> also provides real-time inventory management by utilizing advanced computer applications to track the inventory levels. This helps to ensure that the stocks are not depleted before they reach their required levels. The other advantage of this is that the costs involved in this form of inventory management gets reduced significantly. Using logistics software helps the companies to save over 75% of their investment on inventory management.<br/><br/>If your company requires a lot of receiving goods for shipment to the various destinations, it becomes necessary to maintain the inventories at the receiving warehouses regularly. Many times you may need to change the receiving goods when a customer attaches a new address or adds a new contact. This means you will have to transfer the receiving goods to the warehouse and incur expenses related with packaging and shipping the items. You may also be required to shift the merchandise to the trucking yard and incur further costs.<br/><br/>The advantage of using third-party logistics service providers is that it enables you to save money on maintaining the receiving warehouses. Not only you will save money on the maintenance costs, but you also get the opportunity to access reliable resources at the receiving dock. This will enable you to quickly dispatch the received goods to the right destination without any delays. It will also allow you to provide better customer service because you will not have to maintain the stock levels continuously. In addition, you can also reduce your operating cost and improve profitability significantly.<br/><br/>Order fulfillment can be efficiently managed using warehouse management software. It will help you to efficiently manage the stock levels, pick and pack the goods, transport them and place them in storage. The software will facilitate the loading and unloading of goods from the truck and distribute them to the customers. The software will assist in placing products on the shelves and will track the inventory levels and sales efficiently. Moreover, if you are looking for a cost effective way of managing the inventory, you should look forward to integrating warehouse management software into your overall supply chain procedures.<br/><br/>The fulfillment process has an impact on the total cost of your business. It is important for your <a href="">fulfillment</a> costs to be as low as possible to minimize your logistics expenses. Order fulfillment through the use of third-party logistics suppliers has been proven to be highly cost effective. However, you should only utilize such services when absolutely necessary. You can choose to have your own in-house fulfillment service or outsource your fulfillment services to a reliable third-party logistics provider.

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