Fbailey story number 681<br/><br/><br/>It’s Nothing That You Haven’t Seen Before<br/><br/><br/>We had been divorced for two years when I got a call from Charlotte, that she wanted me to go camping with her and our son. I said no but she always could be persistent. Eventually I gave in just to shut her up.<br/><br/>Charlotte had it in her mind that we were going to backpack into some wilderness and survive off the land for ten days. Yeah, right! That bitch couldn’t live without a five star restaurant and a really nice motel when we were married.<br/><br/>So anyway I put in for my two weeks vacation and bought new camping equipment. A week before my trip I was taking walks around my neighborhood carrying my backpack and a big brick that simulated the weight of my pack. I was going to show Charlotte what good shape I was in and what she was missing.<br/><br/>The night before my trip I packed my backpack complete with tent, sleeping bag, and enough freeze-dried food to last me a month. If I could have found some dehydrated beer it would have been perfect. However, I had enough coffee bags to last me a lifetime. I had even read several survival books in the past few weeks. I was all set.<br/><br/>I met them in the airport in Montana where we got a rental car and stopped in a motel for the night. We wanted an early start in the morning. I was going to get my own room but Charlotte insisted that I could stay with them. She said that Billy would rather not sleep with his mother but that I could. Billy took the first bed so from our bed I could see into the bathroom. Charlotte went in to freshen up but she didn’t close the door. When I watched her remove her pants and shirt I realized just how nice she looked in her bra and panties.<br/><br/>Charlotte looked at me and smiled and then she said, “It’s nothing that you haven’t seen before.”<br/><img width="470" src="" /><br/><br/>Maybe so but it sure stirred up some old feelings.<br/><br/>In the morning I woke up with a hard-on and it was pressing into her ass, my hand was holing onto one of her breasts, and it felt just like old times.<br/><br/>Charlotte turned her head and said, “Move it or loose it. We’re not married any more.”<br/><br/>Bitch!<br/><br/>After a quick breakfast we drove into Yellowstone National Park. From there we checked in at the Ranger’s Station and headed out.<br/><br/>Billy was only ten years old but he seemed to enjoy hiking. Why not, his mother was carrying most of his things for him. I wondered how far she would get. I wanted to see the bitch fail.<br/><br/>The Rangers gave us a map and we followed a few tree markers giving us the compass setting to the next marker.<br/><br/>It took us six hours to get to our own private little lake. It sure took a toll on Charlotte though. Billy was full of energy so she had him go run it off. Then we started to set up camp. I moved off to one side of the clearing to set up my tent. It was a nice simple one that you just kind of toss up in the air and it pops itself open. All I had to do was move it to where I wanted it and poke a few stakes into the ground. I put my sleeping bag in it and zipped it up. Then I watched Charlotte struggle with her tent.<br/><br/>I got tired of watching her and I was sure that she would try to get me to do it for her so I slipped off into the woods looking for firewood. I got lucky and found a big stake of limbs that someone had left behind. I took a few back to the campsite just in time to see Charlotte beating her fists into the ground.<br/><br/>She said, “I can’t do it. I’m not super-mom after all.”<br/><br/>I had her right where I wanted her. I said, “Suck my cock and I’ll put it up for you.”<br/><br/>She glared at me and then she snarled, “I’d rather die first.”<br/><br/>I just smiled and walked away. I had some fishing supplies with me so I cut a nice pole and started to fish. After an hour I decided that I had enough fish and headed back to our campsite. Billy had helped her set up the tent and she was so tired that she got in. <a href=""></a> I cleaned the fish and put them over a fire. Billy and I heard Charlotte snore. That brought back memories.<br/><br/>We ate and then Billy turned in. I lay on the grass and looked up at the night sky. It was amazing what you can see without any streetlights to spoil the view. There were so many stars up there to look at that I just dosed off.<br/><br/>I got chilly in the middle of the night and headed for my tent. I could see a light just inside the woods behind Charlotte’s tent. She had to pee and she put the flashlight where it shined on her. I noticed Billy peaking out of his tent and watching her too. Lucky boy!<br/><br/>Anyway I was in my sleeping bag when she went back inside.<br/><br/>The next morning I told Billy that I had seen him looking at his mother peeing. He told me that he catches glimpses of her a lot lately.<br/><br/>He said, “She seems distracted and she masturbates a lot. I think she needs sex.”<br/><br/>I laughed and offered him a breakfast packet. The water was hot. We were done eating and taking off when Charlotte said, “Wait up, I’ll come with you.”<br/><br/>I looked at Billy and I walked away. He followed me. We walked around the small lake and just before we reached our camp we heard a splash. Charlotte went for a swim. The water was pretty cold and she practically jumped out of the water. She was naked. As she headed for shore we appeared. She ducked down into the water so that Billy couldn’t see her naked.<br/><br/>We laughed at her and then both of us sat down and waited. In a few minutes she was shivering, her lips had turned blue, and she was begging us to turn around and let her get out of the water. I suggested that Billy collect her clothes and take them back to the tent. That way he could see her naked in broad daylight instead of what he had seen the night before.<br/><br/>Charlotte was furious, Billy was excited, and I still wanted my blowjob.<br/><br/>She couldn’t stay in that cold water forever and she knew it. Finally she said, “Send him away and I’ll give you a blowjob.”<br/><br/>I replied, “Well he deserves to see his mother naked. Suppose you walk to my tent and give me one in there?”<br/><br/>She didn’t have a choice so she stood up and walked right at us. Billy got a full frontal view of his naked mother with her shaved pussy. I walked ahead of her to my tent and opened the flap for her. She went in and I followed, closing the flap behind me.<br/><br/>Charlotte said, “You son of a bitch. I’ll kill you for that.”<br/><br/>I said, “Form where I stand you’re the bitch and Billy is the son of a bitch. Besides we both watched you pee last night. Yes, he was awake. Your flashlight was aimed perfectly. So it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before.”<br/><br/>I felt sorry for her so I tucked her into my sleeping bag. Then I undressed and got in with her. This time when I pressed my hard cock into her ass and held onto one of her tits she didn’t protest. In fact, she liked it.<br/><br/>We cuddled for about a half-hour until she got warm. Then Charlotte said, “Why don’t you just fuck me and get it over with?”<br/><br/>I laughed and said, “Because you promised me a blowjob and our son heard it. Now start sucking.”<br/><br/>Charlotte said, “But you never cum that way.”<br/><br/>I laughed and said, “That’s because you can’t suck for shit.”<br/><br/>So for the next half-hour she sucked on the end of my cock. I finally started to jerk off in her mouth. That did it. I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Then in the sweetest way possible she asked me to fuck her. She admitted that she really missed having my cock inside of her.<br/><br/>I knew how to push her buttons so I started to suck on her nipples really hard and rub her clitoris really hard too. I had her squirming around in no time at all. I kept it up until she couldn’t take it any longer.<br/><br/>Charlotte shouted out, “Oh God, stick it in me…fuck me like you used too…make my toes curl.”<br/><br/>I kept tickling her clit and then I bit down on one of her nipples. She had another orgasm.<br/><br/>Charlotte said, “Fuck…that feels so good…fuck me and I’ll be your bitch.”<br/><br/>I rubbed her clit harder and then I bit down on her other nipple. She went into consecutive orgasms that time.<br/><br/>Charlotte said, “Okay, okay, I’ll do whatever you want. Just fuck me. Please fuck me…now!”<br/><br/>She was having another orgasm during the word, now.<br/><br/>I took pity on her and shoved my cock into her hard, just the way she liked it.<br/><br/>Then I said, “I want you completely naked for the rest of this trip.”<br/><br/>Surprisingly she replied, “If you keep fucking whenever I want it, I’ll stay naked until we break camp and head back to civilization.”<br/><br/>I asked, “What about Billy?”<br/><br/>Charlotte said, “He can look, maybe even touch, but he can’t fuck me…he’s only ten years old for Christ sake.”<br/><br/>I said, “Okay” and then I fucked her just the way she liked it. I rammed into her as if she were being raped. The harder the better! She never did like gentle loving like other women. When I was done with her I told her that it was time to think about lunch.<br/><br/>Charlotte crawled out of my tent, stood up, and walked down to the lake to wash her pussy off. Billy watched her the whole time.<br/><br/>When she waked back up to us Billy asked, “Are you really going to stay naked? You said that I can look, maybe even touch.”<br/><br/>Charlotte looked at me and then she looked at Billy and said, “Okay, you can touch me, but ask me first. I don’t want you to think that you can get away with it at home either.”<br/><br/>Billy asked, “Can I touch you now?”<br/><br/>I smiled as she took in a deep breath, stepped forward, and allowed her son to feel her up. He went right for her tits and her nipples. Then he worked his way down to her bald pussy. I smiled as he found her very sensitive clit and brought her to her knees.<br/><br/>Then Billy said, “I’ll stop if you let me feel you up at home too.”<br/><br/>Charlotte’s eyes glassed over, her hand swung toward him, and Billy felt the sting of that slap from his burning cheek all the way to his feet.<br/><br/>Then his mother said, “You are shut off, young man. No more touching for you. I wouldn’t even let you look except I made your father a promise.”<br/><br/>She looked at me, grabbed my hand, and dragged me back to my tent. Once inside she giggled and whispered, “That little bastard found my weak spot. I almost let him fuck me.”<br/><br/>I replied, “But you didn’t. You stopped him.”<br/><br/>She said, “Only by the skin of my teeth. Now fuck me and make me forget about his touch.”<br/><br/>I fucked her all right. I had been saving it up for the past two years and I was ready for her. Apparently she had been saving herself for the past two years too. I realized right then that she was nude because she wanted to be nude. The bitch had gotten to me. I was falling in love with her again.<br/><br/>True to her word she stayed naked, she asked me for sex three times a day right in front of our son, and she never let him touch her again. That is, other than a hug and a kiss at bedtime. He got the tent and she slept with me.<br/><br/>On the day we were to head back Charlotte asked me to fuck her one last time right there on the beach next to the lake. Billy could see us but she didn’t care. Then along the trail on our way back to the rental car she gave me a blowjob. She got on her knees and sucked my cock right in front of Billy.<br/><br/>Then after she swallowed my cum she asked, “Will you marry me again? It’ll be different this time, I swear.”<br/><br/>I looked over at my son. He was smiling.<br/><br/>I answered, “Yes, if you stay naked in the house and you keep asking me to fuck you, like you have here.”<br/><br/>She said, “I will.”<br/><br/>That night in the motel she got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed and let me take her from behind. I thought about sticking it in her ass but I decided that I could do that some other time. Besides Billy was watching.<br/><br/><br/>The End<br/>It’s Nothing That You Haven’t Seen Before<br/>681<br/>

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