Your competent logistics service provider<br/>Melbourne in Australia. Cape Town in South Africa. Buenos Aires in Argentina. Shanghai in China. With TopAlpha's air freight services, the world is shrinking and even distant destinations are within reach. Even beyond the road, we deliver your goods to the world's most important trading centres.<br/><br/>Our air freight services: Worldwide. At any time.<br/>Our decades of air freight expertise guarantee that customers entrust us with their shipments as a result of the custom solutions we create for your industry, so your products arrive intact and on time where they are meant to go. We provide logistics and air freight services, as you might expect.<br/><br/>Standard, express or door-to-door?<br/>Are you looking for a tailored air freight solution to meet your specific requirements? Speed and reliability are our top priorities with our tailor-made air freight concepts. The choice is yours:<br/>Are you interested in having your shipment delivered direct from your company to the consignee? Our door-to-door service offers you a completely customised and comprehensive solution.<br/><br/>Cargo charter or groupage load?<br/>Whatever your shipment is, we make sure there is room for it on the plane.<br/><br/>An aircraft sheet panel or an air cargo container is used to pack individual boxes together with those of other shippers. These loads are handled by scheduled flights as groupage loads.<br/><br/>You can count on our air freight service to meet your needs<br/>Preparation of transport documents<br/>There are several documents that must be prepared for air freight. Direct AWB, Back-to-Back AWB, Master AWB, and House AWB are the international names for the various forms. As our way of providing you with the best possible assistance, we will gladly handle the issuance of the Air Waybill and the export documents, such as the EUR1 Movement Certificate and Export Accompanying Document. You can also consult us for help in preparing country-specific documents.<br/><br/>Onboard courier service<br/>In addition to air freight terminals, we offer other services. On request, we can provide you with an onboard courier service, by which your goods will be brought up to the aircraft. Most of these consignments are small in size, and some can even fit into your hand luggage. Parts for machines, spare parts, and luxury items are all tracked by the onboard courier during the flight and reach their destination on time and in good condition. Once the goods arrive at the airport, the customer takes over the goods immediately or we handle the transport to the final destination.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Cooling active and passive of temperature-controlled goods<br/>Active cooling is used to cool temperature-controlled goods and passive cooling is used for static cooling.<br/><br/>By using active cooling, your cold-sensitive products remain at a constant temperature throughout the entire transportation route. For example, a temperature specification of +15 to +25 degrees Celsius may be maintained in this case.<br/><br/>In some circumstances, passive cooling is possible for shipments. During the flight and storage in the airport warehouse, the temperature specification is only guaranteed. A temperature-controlled vehicle brings the shipment to the aircraft, but there may be delays on the tarmac, which means it may not be possible to maintain the requested temperature.<br/><br/>Shipment tracking<br/>Is it important to know where your air freight is at any given moment? <a href="">Freight Service TopAlpha</a> With our tracking service, you can always keep track of your shipment. All of this is kept track of for you so you always know what's going on. Fast and uncomplicated.<br/><br/><br/>Global air freight solutions<br/>We provide logistics services based in Osnabruck that save you time and money. Our logistics hub is located 41 kilometers away from the airport (FMO), so you can reach us very quickly.<br/><br/>All other German airports will be handled in an equally flexible and reliable manner by our global air freight department.<br/>Our services:<br/>Standard, express or door-to-door transport<br/>Charter services<br/>Consolidated groupage loads<br/>Preparation of transport documents<br/>Taking out transport insurance<br/>Onboard courier service<br/>Active cooling / passive cooling<br/><img width="345" src="" /><br/>Letter of credit processing<br/>DGR handling (Dangerous Good Regulations)<br/>Shipment tracking<br/>Export and import services at Munster Osnabruck Airport (FMO) that are time- and cost-effective<br/>A flexible and reliable handling service at all German airports<br/>Contact with the world's best aviation specialist<br/>

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