In short, renting an email list simply means you pay a third-party a agreed sum to use their email list for one email blast. Of course email list renting can range widely with some agreeing to deliver ten emails to your subscriber list in one go. The owner of the list will then send out an email on your behalf to all of their current subscribers. However some owners will only do this if they receive payment first.<br/><br/>There are also those who will only rent an email list when they feel it is necessary. For example they may need the email addresses urgently for a product launch, or for a launch of their company in an exotic location. It could be that the new product or service that they are offering on the internet needs a massive amount of exposure in a short period of time. Whatever the reason, renting email addresses is certainly an attractive option.<br/><br/>Email list renting can also be useful when a business owner is looking to expand their business with email lists of customers and clients. These people will often look to share the ownership of these lists with others, or they may want to build up a database that they can sell to other businesses. Some people even rent out email lists to companies that require them. This could be companies involved in the <a href="">marketing</a> of fitness equipment or cleaning products.<br/><br/>If you are thinking about renting email lists consider whether there are any drawbacks in doing so. One major disadvantage is that unlike purchasing a ready-made mailing list, one-time use is not allowed. So if you want to continue to email the same customers for a certain amount of time, you are going to have to purchase another email list from one of the mailing list renting services.<br/><br/>When a list owner decides to rent their list, they are typically renting the whole database and not just one-time use of it. This means that the list will be less likely to be updated once the initial contact ends. The email marketing campaign is also likely to suffer as well. The initial contact often times includes a link to the back to the list and may include an estimate of reading time. As soon as the customer clicks through and opts into the list, that reading time will end and they will be moved to another list.<br/><br/>Another disadvantage of one-time email list rentals is that they often contain fewer subscribers than an average purchased list. This means that you will need to purchase more of them or dedicate more time to list building or other <a href="">marketing</a> strategies. It can also be difficult to find people to rent email lists who share the same values as your own. This is because the customers typically share similar interests.<br/><br/>Another thing that you have to take into consideration when using a one-time email list rental is that most of them do not offer opt-in forms. With this it can be hard to sell something to someone who did not originally sign up for your mailing list. In addition, most will only allow visitors who will be expected to make a purchase after making a visit login.<br/><br/>In short, it can be difficult to market online when you are relying on a one-time-use email marketing strategy. One solution to this issue is to consider renting email lists. However, before you do make the investment, it is important that you know what you are getting yourself into. It is easier to invest in an email lists that offers subscribers a higher estimated reading time and have a shorter unsubscribe link.

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