<p>Do you need an adorable addition to your Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs collection? Then you have *goat* to add this Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Goat Plush to the mix. (See what we did there?) Measuring at 8" tall, this Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Goat Plushie lets you show off your favorite Minecraft animal. <a href="">servers</a> </p><br/><p>Minecraft fans will love collecting their favorite characters in plush! They’re fun to collect, play with and display.</p><br/><p>Plush figures are 8 tall, a great size to hold and take on the go.<br/> <a href="">gaming</a> Made from a variety of fabrics and textiles, so they're fun to touch.<br/> Colors and decorations may vary<br/>- Age range: 3 years old and up</p> <a href="">MINECRAFT</a>

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