Just how much insurance might i most likely pay? help please!?<br/>"From Toronto"I am A20 year old womanive made a claim on my auto 14 days ago. an adjuster came out to take pictures of my car last week on wednesday. I havnt heard from their website since everytime i contact my <a href=""> <a href="">insurance</a> </a> and they transfer me to claims i end-up waiting 30 mins plus just so my brand cans drop. im wonderinf if they are actually gonna get back at me? Should i keep calling them has everyone had any problems with point standard before?<br/>I want to know what will be the appropriate restrictions on motor insurance inside the state of Iowa to get a funded vehicle? I have a Mazda. They are both borrowed. How do I go about figuring the bottom limitations I can legally have out? Many thanks!<br/>Which could be the cheapest automobile <a href="">insurance</a> ?<br/>Is it possible to have them through possibly a clinic or the hospital? Or do I need to have GP I'm 18 or a family physician and also have no insurance **I am not really a junkie either<br/>"Is four wheel drive worth every penny for where I live concerning <a href="">insurance</a> prices

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