I have real ones and fake ones and let me tell you it hurts a lot less when my fake ones get dirty and the dog ends up chewing them: <a href="http://freenstagram.com" class="ui-jqgrid-sortable-pQz2Jjh">Converse All Star Chuck Taylor All Star</a>. <br/>Another common error in fakes is that the tag has weird spacing between letters (Mainly the M and the A in Made In China). Also, the TM mark above on the side of the adidas tag should be on the side of it not directly above it. And there should be a barely noticable spot above the qr code which is an intended thing by adidas. On the Replica it looks way darker. <br/>Hugoking#1 Bro I got my reps and they're actually good! I mean there are a couple flaws but nothing That's gonna get You called out! They got to me in 2 weeks only aswell. In general they were great and I don't regret getting them.<br/><br/>

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