Reflexology, a form alternative medicine, involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. This is usually done without the use of oil or lotion using only thumb, finger, and palm massage techniques. These massage techniques are utilized in combination with other techniques like aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure as well as meditation, reflexology stretching, and other manual therapies. It is believed that the hands contain over 90% of the human nervous system. In addition, it has been said that the hands can channel energy into the body by making use of specific nerves known as "nerve channels".<br/><br/>Reflexology employs both hands and feet in a similar manner. Many people are familiar with the traditional foot reflexology massage which originates from China. This kind of massage is becoming more popular in western countries as foot reflexology massage. Reflexology massages are performed with the patient lying on their stomachs with their knees bent, and their feet resting on prayer chairs.<br/><br/>The aborigines of Australia have used reflexology for many centuries, just like other indigenous peoples. During the eighteen hundreds in England, a short course of reflexology was made available to the general public. In the short duration of the therapy, pressure is placed on specific areas of the feet, though it was not always done by hand. The theory behind reflexology is that the feet contain reflexive nerve channels that allow the body recover itself.<br/><br/>Reflexology is an extremely effective and safe treatment option for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, migraines, and other similar conditions. Reflexology involves gentle pressure on the feet and hands along with various stretching, massages, acupressure, herbal remedies and the application pressure points. Each of these forms of Reflexology are done by a trained therapist and should be done by a person who is skilled and knowledgeable. If the practitioner isn't attentive there may be serious issues as with any form of medicine. For instance, a faulty pressure point can cause swelling or injury. It is essential to ensure that your Reflexologist is skilled and experienced prior to going through Reflexology.<br/><br/>Once the reflexologist has taken the patient's temperature, they'll then identify specific trigger points. These trigger points could range from a small ache at one's toes to large muscular groups. Once the trigger point has been identified, the reflexologist will apply pressure until it disappears. Most practitioners believe that Reflexology is best practiced in a tranquil and calm space, however there are some individuals that believe that a professional massage is more appropriate during the Reflexology session.<br/><br/><img width="309" src="فوائد-المساج-614x1536.jpg" /><br/>A background check and reference check is required in order to be accepted into the Reflexology program. Individuals must also complete the written consent form and meet any other requirements of the institution they wish to join. <a href="">익산출장안마</a> These requirements can differ from one institute to the next. However, a passing score on a proficiency test and completion of a course in reflexology is required to be certified.<br/><br/>Reflexology is controlled by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. There are more than 40 Reflexology centers in Malaysia, and numerous self-practicing groups. Some of these groups have been around for decades, while others have only recently begun to gain in popularity. There is no specific regulation from the government to govern the practice of Reflexology however, the Malay governing body has stated that it is a safe practice that can improve overall health and well-being.<br/><br/>Reflexology is becoming popular across the globe. Reflexology is a great way to assist in relaxing the mind as well as improve circulation and reduce stress and tension in the body. Through specific points on the feet, hands or even legs, a Reflexologist can identify pressure points in the key areas that are connected to the various systems of the body. People can enhance their overall health by decreasing stress and focusing more on their internal balance. Reflexology offers numerous benefits, including the release of tension in the muscles, as well as improving flexibility and mobility in the joints.<br/>

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