Gustavo Petro, presidential candidate, made a strong social network connection between the presidential candidate who is running for the first position within the country as part of the Historic Pact as well as General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro who is the Army commander. Petro declared in his message that "some general" officers were on the Clan's payroll.<br/><br/>"While soldiers are murdered by Gulf Clan, some generals are on the payroll of Clan. The leadership is corrupted when the people who are involved in drug trafficking industry are the.that eventually ascend to the generals"" Gustavo Petro said on social networks.<br/><br/>General Zapateiro's response<br/><br/>The Army commander reacted to this request and took six rounds, questioned the presidential candidate.<br/><br/>General Zapateiro declared, "There is no one more affected from the loss of a soldier than families of the camouflaged soldiers, but their ultimate sacrifice to the country should not be used in the narratives of political campaigns."<br/><iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/><br/>Francia Marquez has been denied two homes in Cali.<br/><br/>Another text message was sent out by the officer in charge who spoke about the recent deaths of soldiers. "More than 500 soldiers have been wounded or killed as a result of the achievement of the mission from 2021. There were no announcements made about the issue. It's strange that the pain and death of patriotic heroes can now be used to create other signs.<br/><br/>Gustavo Petro asked the army commander if he knew any information regarding links between the generals and groups that were not under the law. If so, he should make an official complaint.<br/><br/>"Senator. <a href=""></a> Don't make use of your investiture, parliamentary inviolability to predict the death of our soldiers. Instead, you should fulfill your citizen duty by submitting a substantiated grievance to the<br/><br/>@FiscaliaCol you have mentioned the facts the facts you mentioned, regardless of who"" the general you mentioned.<br/><br/><a href=""></a> He also added another trill. "I remind you that you as senator are part of a collective that you dare point out as being 'drug trafficking politicians'. As a citizen, I recommend that you not make generalizations. Respect first and foremost."<br/><br/>One of the most controversial comments issued by high-ranking officials is one in which the official claimed that Colombians were witnessing their current president receiving money "ina garbage bag".<br/><br/><a href="">Gustavo Petro</a> "I have not seen a general on TV receiving ill-gotten money. General Zapateiro said that Colombians had seen him receive money from a garbage bag.<br/><br/><a href=""></a> In closing, the official stated that "to this most ancient institution of this country, whose members have unconditionally safeguarded the democratic principles of this country for more then 200 years, even risking their lives" and called for respect.<br/><br/><a href="">gustavo petro</a><br/>

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