<p>After you do this, it is advisable to download your server JAR file.</p><br/><p>You need to use this command to download the vanilla server JAR replacing the Version with the version you need</p><br/><p>Example: curl -o server.jar</p><br/><p>If you would like to make use of Paper (advisable), you'll be able to run this command replacing the Version with the version you need</p><br/><p>Instance: curl -o server.jar</p><br/><p>Step 3 - Beginning your server</p><br/><p>After you've created your Minecraft server folder and have your server JAR file in it, you may run the following command</p><br/><p>This now should create a brand new display screen, after that you want to finally begin your server. <a href="">PREMIUM CONTENT</a> can run this command replacing the to how much RAM you want to offer to your Minecraft server in MB.</p><br/><p>It's also possible to change the server.jar together with your actual server JAR that you've got in your Minecraft server folder.</p><br/><p>Example: java -Xms512M -Xmx4096M -jar server.jar</p><br/><p>Beginning your server for the primary time will fail, this is since you need to just accept the Mojang EULA in the eula.txt file.</p><br/><p>To do this, run:</p><br/><p>And change the eula=false part to eula=true in case you settle for their EULA.</p><br/><p>Step 3.1 - Becoming a member of your server</p><br/><p>It is straightforward to affix your Minecraft server! You need to use your server's IP handle to affix your server.</p>

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