I see explosions but not one victim. I didn't know that the RUSSIANS are attacking parking lots and apartment buildings, and empty roads. so the RUSSIANS don't touch military targets h ! ! ! ? ? ? Hmmm, something wrong with THIS picture! ! ? ? And this MEDIA reports! ! ! ? ? ? Sounds pretty FAKE to me. Greetings from LAS Vegas.<br/>If you're here today, the news youve seen that sent you here is FAKE. Nukes do exist, no they won't be used soon. The free people are winning, the narrative fell apart and main stream news is losing grip on its slaves. <br/>I got a caps fanatics jersey a few year's ago an honestly the fanatics jersey and Adidas kinda look an feel the same almost like you're wears a t-shirt; <a href="" class="hotArticle-list-ISTu2C"></a>. my nationals jersey is heavier lol.<br/><br/>

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