<p>I was able to transfer over my files from my non-ded to the nitrado, so my base, tames and all that are still there..... theres just oooooone lil problem. <a href="">Spiderman gaming</a> </p><br/><p>I cant access my host/starting character any more. When I logged in, I was forced to start a new character. I was able to make the run to where my base is and was actually able to see the floating title of my character, how far away she was from me and that she was sleeping.</p><br/><p>So shes THERE... I just.... cant play as her. <a href="">Spiderman gaming</a> Its weird. I've tried everything I can think of:</p><br/><p>-Connected from the dashboard<br/>-Connected from Steam<br/>-Connected on my non-dedicated server and uploaded the player data<br/>-Copy/pasted over the local player data file into the server file through FileZilla</p><br/><p>Notta. I completely forgot to add myself as the admin, so I've done that but havent yet started the server back up. <a href="">Spiderman gaming</a> If thats also a no-go.....</p>

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