Slap Your Mama - The Spicy Cajun Seasoning That Is The Hot Look Of Today!<br/><br/>Find Slap Your Mama Seasoning-inspired products and gifts printed on durable, eco-friendly, socially good products one in a big way. Each purchase you make directly aids an artist helping the communities they serve. From creating projects that give back to the community to harvesting organic ingredients from local markets, the artist works directly benefiting the community while making the sale. This way they can create a sustainable career while still selling their merchandise in a way that benefits the community.<br/><br/>The artist, Rita Maze, sells her seasoning in the front of her store. Her wares include Cajun seasonings, Creole seasonings, Louisiana Hot Dog Seasoning, Blueberry Stuffed Pork, Chicken Slap Chop and Caribbean seasonings. The variety makes it easy for consumers to find something they enjoy. Slap your Mama is a Louisiana based company dedicated to helping consumers find quality Slap Your Mama products. They offer free shipping in the lower 48 states and a toll free hotline.<br/><br/>To use Slicing Ya Mama seasoning mix in recipes, simply add one pinch ground dried garlic powder, one teaspoon dried thyme, one teaspoon cayenne, one teaspoon black pepper (more of you like it hot), and two tablespoons kosher salt. If using in a recipe you will want to season with salt before mixing it with the other ingredients. When using this seasoning mix in the cooking process, be sure to mix it thoroughly before adding it to your foods. When using cajun seasonings, be sure to season all dishes before serving. The cajun seasonings usually end up in seafood dishes.<br/><br/>For example: shrimp, fish, stew, barbecue, spaghetti. Slicing your Mama into these dishes will give them that authentic Cajun taste! You can even sprinkle some in your breads, desserts and other desserts. This is definitely a must for any recipes where you want to have true Cajun flavor!<br/><br/><a href=""></a> There are plenty of uses for Slicing Ya Mama seasoning outside of food, too. You can also make a paste with the mixture to coat candles. Just dip the candle in the mixture and then place it in your cupboard to keep it glowing. I've seen it used in birthday or Christmas presents, as well. This is a great way to add that extra cajun twist to your gifts this year!<br/><br/>Another great thing about Slicing Ya Mama is that it makes a great gift basket. You can't go wrong with this blend of spices for any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries or just a house warming gift. Simply mix it up in your blender, add some hot water and shake away until smooth consistency. Then pour into your favorite bottle and enjoy. <a href="">best cajun spice mix</a> This will certainly go great with those other holiday season spice blends like gingerbread, cinnamon and nutmeg.<br/><img width="320" src="cajun spice" /><br/><br/>Now if you're wondering where to buy Slicing Ya Mama, you're in luck. For a simple price you can find lots of retailers online that offer Slicing Ya Mama along with some other great seasoning blends. Some include cinnamon and nutmeg and then there are some who include cayenne pepper. Some retailers even offer it in different varieties like regular, hot and mild. The variety alone is awesome and you are sure to find just the right blend for your cooking style. If you don't have a retailer that carries it in your area then check out our site below for other ways to enjoy this spicy blend!<br/><br/>These Cajun seasonings have been featured in restaurants all over the country. It's known as a "taste of Louisiana" due to the abundance of ingredients used. From pork to seafood and chicken the mixture is widely known for being spicy, sweet and very tasty. The best part is you can make these cajun seasonings at home. You'll be able to slap Ya Mama on just about anything you want including pots, pans and crock pot dishes and the list goes on.<br/><br/>

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