<p><br/> Here's a complete list of 1.18 Minecraft servers! 1.18, also known to be the second part in the Caves & Cliffs updates, was released on November 30, 2020. New features inclide a new music disc, overhauled caves, underground biomes and 6 new mountain sub-biomes. Enjoy the latest update online on any one of the multiplayer servers!<br/></p><br/><p><br/> United States Philippines Germany<br/> <br/><br/> Turkey<br/> <br/><br/> Sweden<br/> <br/><br/> Italy<br/> <br/><br/> United Kingdom<br/> <br/><br/> Argentina<br/> <br/><br/> China<br/> <br/><br/> France<br/> <br/><br/> Australia<br/> <br/><br/> Canada<br/> <br/><br/> Brazil<br/> <br/><br/> Greece<br/> <br/><br/> Georgia<br/> <br/><br/> Spain<br/> <br/><br/> Bulgaria<br/> <br/><br/> Ukraine<br/> <br/><br/> Sri Lanka<br/> <br/><br/> Finland<br/> <br/><br/> Netherlands<br/> <br/><br/> South Korea<br/> <br/><br/> Singapore<br/> <br/><br/> Malaysia<br/> <br/><br/> Israel<br/> <br/><br/> Romania<br/> <br/><br/> India<br/> <br/><br/> South Africa<br/> <br/><br/> Poland<br/> <br/><br/> Slovenia<br/> <br/><br/> Hungary<br/> <br/><br/> Japan<br/> <br/><br/> Colombia<br/> <br/><br/> Peru<br/> <br/><br/> New Zealand<br/> <br/><br/> Vietnam<br/> <br/><br/> Indonesia<br/> <br/><br/> Mexico<br/> <br/><br/> United Arab Emirates<br/> <br/><br/> Croatia<br/> <br/><br/> Portugal<br/> <br/><br/> Hong Kong SAR China<br/> <br/><br/> Lithuania<br/> <br/><br/> Bangladesh<br/></p><br/><p><br/> LifestealMC<br/></p><br/><p><br/> IP: Version: 1.16 - 1.18 Platforms: Java & Bedrock Edition LifeStealMC is a fun & exciting server offering the best LifestealSMP experience. Lifesteal is easy to use with its fully-custom coded core and frequent community events & wars.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> LilacMC Towny<br/></p><br/><p><br/> LilacMC is a Minecraft Towny server that offers fun and high quality gameplay. The server features a lot custom-made plugins and many other features that focus on player-driven economy. 1.19 Client Support is the newest feature! Learn more about LilacMC at...<br/></p><br/><p><br/> VentureLand RPG<br/></p><br/><p><br/> A completely original RPG game in Minecraft > A large, hand-built open-world map > 8 classes > Custom items and loot. Unique crafting system. Economy and market. Custom mobs. Dungeons. Bosses. No mods required !...<br/> <a href="">Minecraft Servers List</a> </p><br/><p><br/> LunarSurvival SMP<br/></p><br/><p><br/> LunarSMP welcomes you. Our server has the best community on the planet. We're a Survival server running on 1.18 and new world generation. The latest version Minecraft. Grief Protection Player Ran Economics Need Staff Free Vehicles Semi Vanilla And so...<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Lunar Lifesteal<br/></p><br/><p><br/> LunarHC Lifesteal welcomes you. Our server has the best community! We're a Lifesteal server on 1.18. The latest version Minecraft. 10 Lifes Player Ran Economy PVP Connect on...<br/> <a href="">Minecraft Servers List</a> </p><br/><p><br/> <<<br/> <br/><br/> 1<br/> <br/><br/> 2<br/> <br/><br/> 3<br/> <br/><br/> 4<br/> <br/><br/> 5<br/> <br/><br/> >><br/> <br/><br/> Not quite what you're looking for? You don't have to worry, there are many more servers available!<br/></p>

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