<a href=""></a> , the ex-mayor of Medellin, was elected the center-right candidate. <a href=""></a> received more than 1.7million votes.<br/><br/>Federico Gutierrez, who was born in Medellin in 1975, was a former Mayor of Medellin. In <a href="">Fico Gutierrez</a> , he started his political career as a councilor of his hometown, he is framed as Municipal Youth Councilor as well as Municipal Planning Councilor for Medellin. Gutierrez is a certified civil Engineer from the University of Medellin. Furthermore, he holds a Specialization degree as Senior Manager and another one in Politics Science both at the Pontifical Bolivarian University.<br/><br/> <a href=""></a> did not just concentrate on politics during his professional life. In reality, he was a Consultant for the HGI Consultores company and a Resident Engineer with the Company Vifasa S.A. A construction and glass company. <a href=""></a> is also a staunch advocate for his family. He is married and has two kids.<br/><br/>He backed Sergio Fajardo as mayor and Alonso Salazar later in his councilman career. In 2015, he re-entered his plans and became the Mayor's Office of Medellin. Like many mayors faced with the Hidroituango project, he also faced issues with corruption. Daniel Coronell published a report on him alleging that he had kept his money in tax-havens and was implicated in corruption.<br/><br/>He confronted former mayors whom he supported. He stated, "I've been in solidarity" with them.<br/><br/>The presidency is a fresh race<br/><br/>The so-called Experience Coalition was formed in the month of October 2021. The coalition later morphed into Team for Colombia. Federico Gutierrez, being the center right coalition, was the one to win the candidacy. Paola, a Democratic Center representative could support Federico in his campaign for a second term.<br/><br/>He has also claimed that his management model stems from public management for people in numerous instances and that politics is a career. Gustavo Petro came in second However, Fico was the highest percentage voter. <a href=""></a> will be Antioquia's representative for the right.

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