Federico Gutierrez was able to be elected the center-right candidate of the year by gaining more than 1.7 millions votes. The former mayor of Medellin won Barguil and Char Penalosa, Penalosa, Penalosa, and the tab de los Cristianos, Aydee Zarazo.<br/><br/> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> Federico Gutierrez, who was born in Medellin in 1975, was a former Mayor of Medellin. As a local councilor, Gutierrez has served as Municipal Youth Councilor, as well as the Municipal Planning Councilor of Medellin from 2003. Gutierrez is an Civil Engineer by profession, graduated from the University of Medellin, holds a Specialization degree in senior management from the Pontifical Bolivarian University and one in Political Science.<br/><br/>Federico Gutierrez did not just concentrate on politics during his career. In reality it was his job as a Consultant with the HGI Consultores company and a Resident Engineer with the Company Vifasa S.A. A construction and glass company. In his private life, Federico Gutierrez defends his family and asserts it is paramount. He's married and has two children.<br/><br/>As an elected council member, he was a supporter of Sergio Fajardo's run for mayor, and later that of Alonso Salazar. In 2015, he changed his goal and reached the Mayor's Office of Medellin. But, like all of the Hidroituango mayors, he had to contend with corruption. <a href=""></a> In addition, as part of an investigation published by Daniel Coronell, he was found guilty in the Panama papers for storing his cash in tax havens and also for corruption.<br/><br/>He has even confronted former mayors who he had backed and stated recently that "I am in solidarity avec those who are mentioned in this report because I don't think someone decides to let a tunnel fall and everyone is in solidarity. <a href=""></a> And what some sectors do, is an attack by political strategy."<br/><br/>The new race for the presidency<br/><br/>The so-called Experience Coalition was formed in October 2021. The coalition later morphed into Team for Colombia. Federico Gutierrez of the Center-right coalition won Federico's candidacy. In the present, Paola Holguin from the Democratic Center is supporting Federico. Paola was also running for a seat in the 2022 elections.<br/><br/> <a href=""></a> He also said that his model of administration comes from the public management of people on numerous occasions and that politics is a career. Gustavo Petro came in second however Fico was the most popular voter. He will be Antioquia's representative from the right. <a href=""></a>

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