Not on anyones side here but I'm considering reps now because I need the new season yellow tech and I could afford it too but can't find it for sale anywhere so reps are my other option.<br/>MEDEHYAH MEDIA Not true, I know because I worked at some Sneaker factory in vietnam; <a href="http://jerseycheapforsale.com">http://jerseycheapforsale.com/225-jordan-mars-270-concord-review-jordan-mars-270-jordan-mars-270-boys-grade-school-black-team-orange-amarillo.html</a>. Those fake sneakers manufacturers buy stolen shoes from their Nike/Adidas inside men and copy it. That's how it work. The whole story that fakes are being made in the same factory of the retail one's is bullshit. <br/>Nike is a racist brand which uses slavery to make their shoes<br>Not just the sweatshops where they make the shoes, the materials are harvested by slaves as well<br>I am just watching this to see if there is any big quality difference before I buy the fakes<br>I found the fake ones on Ali Express for just $11.<br/><br/>

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