<p>Minecraft won't finish a bridge to PS4, Vita and Xbox One until August, but a PlayStation Blog update lends a few more details about what we can expect from the port to Sony's latest home console.</p><br/><p>We were previously told that world sizes would be "a lot bigger" on newer consoles, but this update offers specifics: you'll have 36 times the space for flagship construction sites on the PS4 than you did on the PS3. <a href="https://needrealtor.net/">I love</a> can consider the DualShock 4's touchpad as a new tool in your inventory as well, since 4J Studios is implementing optional support for its use with crafting or menu navigation.</p><br/><p>The PS4 version will offer eight-player online play, with a single PS4 being capable of hosting up to four players via splitscreen. Minecraft's PS4 debut will also be followed by "a bunch of Sony-specific DLC coming soon after release."</p><br/><p>As a reminder, saves will be transferable from the PS3 and Xbox 360, so you can keep flexing your creative architectural muscles without worrying about starting over. When the PS4 and Xbox One builds arrive in August, you'll be able to upgrade from digital versions for $4.99. Alternatively, PlayStation users can stick with the PS3 and get access to the Vita version for free.</p><br/><p>Mojang would like to offer discounts to those spinning disc-based versions of Minecraft as well, but since the post notes that that's "proving a bit trickier to set up," we'll have to wait for more info to see whether that's possible.</p>

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