<p>Download the latest RuneScape Mobile (RS3) and Old School RuneScape (OSRS) .APK files here. Both versions of RuneScape are now available on the Android. If you live in a country where RuneScape is not available yet or you do not have access to the Google Play Store on your device, then you can just install the .APK directly to your Android phone or tablet play RuneScape.</p><br/><p>Latest RuneScape Mobile .APK Download</p><br/><p>Latest Old School RuneScape Mobile .APK Download</p><br/><p>Don’t know what to do with the file? Follow our tutorial below.</p><br/><p>.APK Installation Instructions</p><br/><p>1. Download the .APK file and open it.</p><br/><p>2. <a href="https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/4831675/best-games-like-runescape-to-escape-from-the-world-with">Runescape</a> If prompted, turn on Unknown Sources (this will allow you to install .APK files).</p><br/><p>3. Now install the .APK file.</p><br/><p>FAQ</p><br/><p>Is the .APK safe to install?<br/> You should only install .APK from trusted sources. The .APK files available on this site were ripped directly from the Google Play Store and have not be modified or edited in any way. It is the official .APK from the Google Play Store.</p><br/><p>Why isn’t RuneScape Mobile or Old School RuneScape available in the Google Play Store?<br/> The game is not available in every country. If you cannot find RuneScape in Google Play or you see “This item isn’t available in your country”, that means the game is not available in your country. Fortunately, you can just manually install the .APK.</p><br/><p>Why am I getting a “parsing error” when I try to install the .APK?<br/> You will get a parsing error if you are running an incompatible Android version. Check the minimum requirements.</p><br/><p>When are you going to post the new update?<br/> I play both of the Runescape games on my Google Pixel 2 daily so I am usually aware when there is a new update. I will post any new updates usually the same day it releases, but if for some reason I don’t, please leave a comment below to notify me of a new update and I will post it as soon as possible.</p><br/><p>How do I update the game?<br/> Just download and install the new .APK file. All of your game files will transfer over.</p><br/><p>Are you affiliated with RuneScape or Jagex Games Studio?<br/> I am not affiliated or associated with RuneScape or Jagex Games Studio in any way. I am a fan of RuneScape and thought this site would benefit others like me.</p>

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