<p>A smarter means of managing multiple minecraft installations on Linux. It downloads and installs Minecraft model on demand, including all the appropriate libraries and assets. Pairs nicely with the minecraft server launcher for Linux.</p><br/><p>- Helps the traditional (aka vanilla/mainline) and Forge Minecraft versions on-demand installation.<br/>- Works with offline recreation profiles<br/>- Allows a number of variations, player profiles, and sport mod configurations to be accessible at the identical time.<br/>- Keeps sport belongings separate from profiles and versioned libraries for simpler file administration</p><br/><p>Working</p><br/><p>Stipulations: be sure you could have the following instruments installed: jq,unzip,curl, sha1sum</p><br/><p>Running: ./begin</p><br/><p>- To run a Forge version add a suffix "-forge" to the model, for instance ./start 1.17.10-forge player1.<br/>- To see what normal and Forge variations are presently obtainable for installation, run the script with a non-current version, like this ./begin zero player1, ./start 0-forge player1<br/>- To create a recreation profiles with the same recreation version and similar player title, for example to check out different mods, specify a name of this profile because the final argument ./begin</p><br/><p>Troubleshooting</p><br/><p>1. Delete the model subfolder below "versons" and re-run it to download and rebuild all the pieces. The variations and participant profiles are kept in separate folders, so you possibly can take away versions with out removing player configuration.<br/>2. If #1 didn't work for a Forge version, take away each the Forge and the the corresponding mainline model folders beneath "versions" and run it once more to re-download every thing.</p><br/><p>How so as to add it to the KDE desktop</p><br/><p>To get the minecraft icon and the desktop hyperlink clone this repo, To install the icon run</p><br/><p>sudo set up -Dm644 minecraft-launcher.svg /usr/share/icons/hicolor/symbolic/apps/minecraft-launcher.svg</p><br/><p>Then change the desktop file to run this launcher and make it accessible locally</p><br/><p>cp minecraft-launcher.desktop ~/.native/share/plasma_icons/</p><br/><p>How to do reproduce manually what this launcher does</p><br/><p>- Run the official java launcher. Login and begin the sport. The launcher will download all of the required files for the new version. You can see them on this manifest.<br/>- Find the native libraries in the method title with ps -ef | grep java.library.path. Then copy that folder cp -a /tmp/folder $Dwelling/.minecraft/variations/$ver/$ver-natives. <a href="">JACK</a> The native libraries might be found here.<br/>- Copy-paste the whole -cp argument from the java process, together with the java args to a run script. Run the script, plus property, libraries, and version folder what you need.</p>

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