Armed with ribbon and arrows, battle against the adversary team to record their flag in, a fast-paced and trickery 3D multiplayer archer game. Cooperate with your teammates to defend your side and stop players from the other team through grabbing your flag, and organize trips into opposing ground to try to capture the enemy flag in addition to take it back to your base. Every single flag brought along earns one level, the first crew with 3 points wins. You may have for your use five weapons with various qualities, three short, channel and long range bows and two brief and long range crossbows. <a href="">narrow one</a> and even rate of open fire of each and every weapon can also vary. provides a selection of maps that you will have to memorize so as to have the advantage regarding the field also to organize the harm and the security and also possible. The action will become fast, intense in addition to the collective approach will often become decisive to obtain triumph!<br/><img width="358" src="" /><br/>

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