Psilocybin, the chemical compound found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, is a naturally occurring substance that has been used in native rites and religious ceremonies for centuries. Scientists have developed ways to synthesize psilocybin and lace the fungi with LSD to produce similar effects. While they are considered illegal to grow in the wild, they are easily available from online and smartshops.<br/><br/>The Hallucinogenic mushroom available at <a href="">brainbrands</a> was initially used for religious purposes by Mesoamerican people. The Nahuatl language calls the hallucinogenic mushroom "teonanacatl," meaning "flesh of the gods." As a result, it was thought to help the user communicate with spirits. Throughout history, many cultures have experimented with hallucinogenic mushrooms, but few have succeeded in creating them commercially.<br/><br/>The effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms are different in each individual. A small amount of the compound can alter a person's perception of time and space. They may also experience "breathing" surfaces. Higher doses can also produce visual and mental hallucinations, causing the user to feel as if time and space are "breathing" and creating auras around lights. Combined with other psychoactive drugs, these mushrooms can lead to fatal intoxication.<br/><br/>Among the most common ways to accidentally consume hallucinogenic mushrooms is foragers to misidentify them. In one instance, two foragers mistakenly collected Gymnopilus spectabilis while looking for Armillaria mellea, thinking they were identifying them by sight and smell. Another instance involved an adult woman consuming Amanita pantherina thinking it was a common mushroom. These cases are rare, but they do occur. In addition to being a dangerous substance, they can also be avoided by educating people on proper usage.

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