<p><br/> After battling fire-breathing dragons, hordes of undead, and the odd orc or seven, sometimes all a hero wants to do is accept the quest to kick back and talk with their friends. To begin: join our official Artix Community Discord Server and get your Chat On!<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Artix Community Guidelines<br/></p><br/><p><br/> The Artix Community Discord Servers are your place to discuss Artix Entertainment's games, ask questions, and be part of an incredible group of heroes and fellow game-players.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Have fun, be kind, keep our server clean, and make sure everyone is welcome. The community server exists so everyone can talk about Artix games. These guidelines are designed to make it safe, fun, and easy for everyone to discuss Artix games.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> If you have a question, ask. If you have an answer, share it. Our community is available to provide support and help you. Ask questions and answer them for others.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Talk about Artix. Talk about Artix. You are allowed to link to other helpful sites and videos, provided they're not inappropriate. (Please do not post about political/sensitive topics.)<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Respect others. Harassing, threatening, insulting, trolling, and other negative behaviors towards Artix Entertainment community users, guides, or staff will not be tolerated.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Make sure your language is clean and your posts are friendly. Post in English in all public areas. Keep your messages friendly. <a href="">DISCORD SERVER</a> Messages containing hate speech and defamatory language, images or other offensive content may be removed. PLEASE NOTE - certain areas such as Discord are T for Teen and do allow moderate profanity. However, profanity used to harass or attack another person is still prohibited.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Post constructively and on-topic. Please, no spamming. You are welcome to post constructively and with a purpose. Spamming, giveaways and flooding channels with pointless posts is not allowed.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Private information must be kept confidential. This includes all personal details, game account information, messages from support staff, and information you've learned about other Artix game players or staff.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Do not post about illegal activities. Do not link to, advertise, or discuss hacking sites, software piracy, sites offering free currency/items/accounts, or other illegal activities. Do not attempt to buy, trade, sell, giveaway, or share your account or anothers.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> We understand that people make mistakes. Anyone who continues to disregard the guidelines even after being asked to stop might be blocked from posting temporarily. Permanently blocking accounts is not an option. We prefer you to be here having fun. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy their time on our community servers. However, any content that is considered offensive or violates the community guidelines could be removed. A community guide can help you determine if something is acceptable. Artix Support Staff, Admins and the Board have final say on what violates community guidelines.<br/></p>

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