Splice Tips: Inter-Application Audio Recording – Bring Sounds into Your DAW with Soundflower

Sampling sounds from applications on your computer can be an interesting way to bring something unique to your tracks. In this video, producer and educator Christopher Petti familiarizes you with techniques for sampling audio from external sources such as YouTube. You’ll learn how to route sound through third-party audio routing applications such as Soundflower and get it flowing right in to your DAW for nearly instant collection and sampling.

Sign up for Splice and download the example project below to follow along with the video and gain a better understanding of how to use these techniques to collect samples for your own projects.

Sampling is one of the defining characteristics of modern music, and is one of the most fun things that you can do as a producer. Get creative with what you sample and how you use it in your own work to take your inspiration, your creativity, and your tracks to new heights.

June 11, 2015