In short, renting an email list simply means paying someone a third party an agreed sum for each email they send you. Of course email list renting can vary greatly, with some agreeing only to send one email to your list. The email will not be branded with your name directly.<br/><br/>Renting an email list is generally used by companies or individuals who either have too many names on their regular mailings to deal with or don't want to be bothered with contacting every person on their list. If you are one of these people, then you are most likely interested in getting as many emails as possible out there. It is also a convenient way to get more people to unsubscribe from your regular contact list. There is no reason to ever pay for more email addresses than you need.<br/><br/>The first thing to consider when you start looking into email list renting is who you are renting the lists from. Are they reliable? If the company or individual has been in business for years, then that's certainly a good sign. You should never take your trust to a younger company or individual. It's best to get references from other people who have rented similar lists. You can ask around your workplace, friends, or online forums for opinions.<br/><br/>The next thing to consider when it comes to email list renting is how it differs from offline direct marketing. Oftentimes, people will purchase lists from a larger company and then use them themselves. They might also purchase small lists from people at garage sales and flea markets. Offline direct marketing is not the same as renting email lists.<br/><br/>Most email list brokers sell lists from other larger companies exclusively. Many of them offer email lists from hot companies, including Walmart and Neiman Marcus, among others. These large companies pay large sums of money per list to be rented out. There are also <a href="">FrescoData</a> that do not offer email list renting, but will instead sell lists from companies like yours for a lower price.<br/><br/>Once you have established what type of company you want to buy email lists from, you need to establish what your ideal customer is. If you are an online business, then it makes perfect sense to buy one or two high-quality lists at a time. This way, you can always add new products and change your strategies accordingly. If you are focused on a local market, then it would be a lot cheaper for you to rent a few high-quality lists at a time, allowing you to put new products and specials out there frequently. Your ideal customer will also appreciate the fact that you are constantly working towards improving your business and making it as efficient and customer-friendly as possible.<br/><br/>A good email list broker will also offer a variety of options for renting your lists. In addition to buying up large email lists, many of these companies will also offer a monthly plan. This option allows you to have unlimited access to email lists, allowing you to create newsletters, follow up with customers and send out promotions in whichever way you see fit. Some email list brokers even offer a free trial period, so that you can get a better feel for the service before committing to paying for it. These companies should also be willing to work closely with you, helping you set up your newsletter, getting your customers on your mailing list and so much more.<br/><br/>If you are interested in buying and selling email campaigns, then you should consider outsourcing your list renting needs to a reputable email list broker. You will gain great insight into how to run your business better, more efficiently and most of all, profit more. You will also be able to focus on more important matters such as creating new products and writing unique copy writing material for your customers. In the end, by freeing up some time for yourself, you will be able to grow your business much faster.

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