We sat at our little bar table side by side. You had your left arm around me, gently rubbing my arm with your left hand. Your right hand was cupping my right breast, your fingers tickling my nipple.<br/><br/>You nudged my legs farther apart and slipped your hand in to glide along my slit. Stopping on my clit, you rubbed it gently. Now you twisted in your seat to face me and swiveled my body towards you.<br/><br/>“Did you clean it all up?” you asked, “or did you leave some spunk in there for me?” You now had my right knee between both your legs, and bending towards me as if to give me a hug, you slipped your the fingers of your right hand into my pussy while holding me still with your left hand on my right shoulder. I sighed with pleasure.<br/><br/>Finger fucking me hard, I watched the crowd beyond you dancing, talking, drinking, and never knowing what we were doing under the table. I kissed your neck and held you close to me. This erotic embrace was going to get messy when I started to squirt. My small animal noises were turning you on, I could tell. You also started breathing hard.<br/><br/>“You little fucking whore,” you said, “You like fucking strangers in the bathroom? You like me fucking you out here where anyone could see? You want my cock in your pussy. You like being fucked hard by my cock. You slutty little cum whore.” You went on like that as I felt my pussy dripping again and imagined it dribbling on the floor below.<br/><br/>Your dirty talk always turns me on when we're in public. My legs were starting to tremble. My body knew to expect a huge orgasm shortly. My heart was beating in time to the loud music. Just as a drummer started a solo, I came hard, grabbing the back of your shirt in fists and crying out. My cry may as well have been silent; the music was too loud now for even the people at the next table to hear it. You pulled away and looked about, but no one nearby had noticed.<br/><br/>We both slurped our drinks and let our breaths slow down. You put your arm around my back again. You leaned in close and said, “Are you just about ready?” I nodded. We finished our drinks; I slid one ice cube into my mouth as we got up from the table. You held my hand as we made our slow way out of the bar. It had gotten much more crowded while I'd been busy.<br/><br/>We made it out the door. I gulped the cooler, fresher air. You put my hand in the crook of your arm and led me to the car. The wetness inside my legs felt refreshing as it cooled like sweat. When we got to the car, you unlocked it and opened the back passenger door. You went around to the driver's side, put the key in the ignition, and rolled down that rear window. Then you came back. You climbed in the backseat and lay down on the back seat with your legs out the door, your feet resting on the pavement.<br/><br/>I hiked up my skirt so my ass and pussy would be on display, and I climbed on top of you. My left knee on the seat next to you, my right leg bent, with my foot on the edge of the floorboard. I felt you lift my top up so you could play with my boobs, while I got to work on your cock.<br/><br/>Already hard, your cock twitched playfully as my hands and tongue pretended to mold and reshape as if it were clay. Like I was sculpting you a bigger cock, it grew larger and harder in my mouth and fingers. You were moaning softly and whispering, “Oh, Baby. God, yes. Oh, your fuckin' mouth. Your cock suckin' cunt mouth...” and the like. I made, “Mmm,” noises.<br/><br/>Behind me I could hear footsteps coming from my left and then receding to my right. Then I heard some more, but the steps stopped somewhere behind me this time. I heard a woman say, “That's so gross.” A man said, “I gotta get this.” Before you could come in my mouth I slowed down and started making gentle infinity symbols on your cockhead.<br/><br/>You smiled at me and told me to get up. I backed out and stood up. Turning around briefly, I saw half a dozen people stopped in the parking lot, several held their phones up towards us. One man was speaking into his phone, “Right out front. Yeah, out in the parking lot. Get out here.”<br/><br/>You followed me out of the car and took your pants off entirely, then you stripped me of my top and skirt. You leaned down and took each round boob into your mouth in turn, ending in a love bite on each one, then turned me toward the car and bent me over. You rubbed your hand none too gently on my pussy to make sure it was still wet. I felt a great slap on my ass and you were inside me just as fast. I yelped and steadied myself on the window frame and backseat.<br/><br/>A woman said, “I'm waiting for you in the car,” and I heard her walk away as you pumped your iron cock into my soft, yielding pussy. No one fucks like you do. All those men are only a preview, appetizers for the main course. The crowd was getting rowdy behind us. Now I could hear catcalls and whistles. “Fuck that bitch!” and “Can I have some, too?”<br/><br/><img width="301" src="" /><br/>A man yelled, “Get a room!” A woman yelled, “Perverts!” Laughter everywhere. By turning my head I could watch them watching us. I saw admiration, disgust, yearning, and many hands rubbing their owners' crotches. I was a spectacle. I was what everyone wanted and/or despised. I loved it.<br/><br/>I couldn't think about them any longer. Your cock in my pussy was too much for me. All I could do then is hold myself up, leaning on the car door. You fucked me thoroughly. I came hard twice for you before you started moving faster in and out, then slower as you groaned long, releasing all the sperm you'd been building up during the evening.<br/><br/>The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering us. <a href=""></a> You pulled out and your spunk slid out in a gooey mess as you took my hand. We bowed to the audience like actors finishing a play. We looked at each other and laughed.<br/><br/>You shut my door for me. I always feel special when you treat me like a lady like that. The crowd dispersed in a mostly jolly mood as we pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. I rested my forehead on the window next to me, thinking about what a good night's sleep was waiting for me on my comfortable bed.<br/><br/>That's when I woke up. I had to call you right away. I almost cried when you said, “Baby, if that's what you want, I will make your dream come true this weekend.” I've never loved you more.<br/>

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