<p>Somewhat recently, developer Digital Cybercherries mentioned that HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed will have great support for the Steam Deck, so we had a few burning questions. Thankfully, they were happy to have a chat about it!</p><br/><p>What is it? Hypercharge: Unboxed is a classic-style third and first-person shooter inspired by Toy Story and Small Soldiers. It focuses on wave-based shooting with defense building mechanics. You must complete the mission of Sgt. Max Ammo and prevent the HYPER-CORE from being destroyed.</p><br/><p>GOL: First it’s the obvious question: how did you find supporting Linux / Steam Deck with HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed? What specific things did you have to change for it?</p><br/><p>"Supporting Linux was easy. We already had a sizeable chunk of the game working and tested on Linux for our dedicated servers, so development was mostly focused on the visual and input side of things. Supporting the Steam Deck has been a slight challenge at the moment due to it being new technology and having to learn the quirks of a new platform and how we test/develop the game with code debugging, game performance debugging and shader output. We have not had to change much about the game to support Linux and Steam Deck offers similar controls to the Nintendo Switch, so support was easy."</p><br/><p>GOL: Since HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed has online play, have you tested it working cross-platform?</p><br/><p>"Yes, cross platform between Windows and Switch has always been supported for our Server, so the networking cross-platform side is well tested already."</p><br/><p>GOL: Will you be supporting it on Linux before the Steam Deck releases? Or will you be waiting for it?</p><br/><p>"We are still deciding when to release the Linux build, it may come with one of the future large updates/patches."</p><br/><p>GOL: Do you expect the Steam Deck to help sales of HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed?</p><br/><p>"More players and more support are always welcome, but for us, the primary aim is to ensure as many people on as many platforms as possible can play our game. It works so well on the Switch already that the Steam Deck version will be the best hand-held way to play the game."</p><br/><p>GOL: Do you think the Steam Deck will really change PC gaming? It may be a handheld console, but it’s usable just like a PC when hooked up.</p><br/><p>"Yes, we hope it will have an impact. Our experience with the Devkit has been incredibly positive, and I think there is always room for more 'open' consoles." <a href="">Blog About Games</a> </p><br/><p>GOL: Anything you want to tell our readers about HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed?</p><br/><p>"There are not enough split-screen co-operative shooters, especially on Linux, and I hope we can help fix that."</p><br/><p>Thanks to Digital Cybercherries for answering our few quick-questions! This is one game I'm personally looking forward to playing whenever we manage to get a Steam Deck after the delay.</p>

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