Is it true that shoes with black soles are made of carbon rubber? Does it apply with the all black Nike revolution 5 shoes? Plus do the all black Nike shoes have non marking soles? .<br/>Yeah Bro lemme just post my 3 yrs of bachelor in I.T & my literal research on domain & ip hosting. If you think that admins (stockx) cannot see a transactions Ip. It's literally one of the features built in to website hosting <a href="" class="look-more-img-hs1"></a>. It has to be, Especially when it comes to secure transactions. For e.g. banks need I.p. to see where your buying from, if it's an ip in Africa, when You live in the u.s then you'd get notified by your bank. please don't <a href="" target="_blank">make</a> me post my entire thesis. Shits a nitemare.<br/><br/>

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